Quick Catch Up

Sorry for the incredibly long delay. Since I last wrote, I received word of my father’s abrupt and obligatory fight with cancer. It has been a difficult month, though thankfully, he is doing very well, and he, himself, is an inspiration. His spirits are high, and while some would see this as an opportunity to … Continue reading

Stories of Heartbreak and Love

Over the last several weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to interview many of our most low-income families in the community, with the task of handing out scholarships for next year and assigning who receives what. Most of them are single mothers, and all with their own heart-breaking stories to tell –  teens beating them out … Continue reading

A Typical Day

As anyone with a job will immediately say, “there’s no such thing as a typical day,” I wanted to share a snapshot of what my 24 hours looks like. This was a day a few weeks back. Not every day is this intense, though it’s almost about right. ‘Bored’ has rarely been a part of … Continue reading

Goosebumps and The Skin of Chicken

First of all, thank you for all the support received since my last post. Our school principal and teacher are both doing well. Though memories of their mom and dad will never die, hopefully they will find comfort to heal their hearts. Onto lighter news…a story to share. Running around like a loon, as is … Continue reading

Moments I’d Rather Erase

This past weekend has been awful. The mother of our school principal passed away. Although not entirely unexpected, as she had been battling cancer for several months, the doctors had offered her seven daughters two weeks more. Forty-eight hours later they found themselves around her gravesite. In addition, one of our teachers received word his … Continue reading

Adventures in Pick-Up Trucks

The last two weeks of vaca in the U.S. for Christmas and New Years were amazing. In no particular order: Hot showers. Family. Coffee dates. Hugs. Warm blankets. Snow! Hot chocolate. Phone calls (like, actual phone calls). Chris and I kicking butt at Sequence. Aunt Pat and I dominating Scattagories (do we see who the … Continue reading

When Baking a Pumpkin Pie in Honduras

A few weeks ago my mom and brother came to visit. (If you know me at all, just reading that sentence should elicit a ginormous smile.) Not going to lie – the tears started flowing before they had even arrived. I jumped a mile high when I saw them stroll out from behind the airport … Continue reading

The Basics

So first – the basics. More to come beyond this, but a lay of the land is needed. First up – Cof, short for Cofradia. Home to 30,000 people, I mostly live within about a mile/mile and a half radius of Parque Central (Central Park), which daily rings with sounds of pick-up trucks speeding past, … Continue reading

My 4am Wake-up Calls

As with every morning, today I woke up to the cockerel cutting off what was yet again another fabulous dream. I turned over in my bed to look at the clock, and hazily the time of 4:10am slowly came into view. Thankfully I’ve gotten used to my 4 or 5am wake up calls, though still … Continue reading