Moments I’d Rather Erase

This past weekend has been awful. The mother of our school principal passed away. Although not entirely unexpected, as she had been battling cancer for several months, the doctors had offered her seven daughters two weeks more. Forty-eight hours later they found themselves around her gravesite. In addition, one of our teachers received word his father had experienced a heart attack and passed away that morning. His dad had only reached the ripe young age of 47.

Both are a piercing reminder of the fragility of life. Living here, a weird conundrum exists, of life valued like never before – needing family and friends close. Like, physically close. Thirty minutes is too much. Yet, the lack of safety and security in the country drives this need, as the reality of gangs, murders and muggings are very real. For some, life means nothing.
I pray for those who have passed, and the families who are grieving their loss. May they find some sense of peace amidst such horrendous circumstances.

5 thoughts on “Moments I’d Rather Erase

  1. Such sad news Teri and I am thinking of you. So interesting that the world you’re experiencing frames how you take all of this in. You are in my thoughts and prayers as are the families who have had such incredible losses. Best, Jill.

  2. Teri,
    Amid your heartache, I’m sure it was not easy to write about all that is going on but I am so glad that you did. I think we need to understand that life is temporary and hard no matter where we are. To witness it so close, as you have, has to be heartbreaking for you. I’m sure your strentgh has been a help to both families. You and those who you work with have been very much in my thoughts – I pray for all of you. Stay well. Love, Jane

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