A Typical Day

As anyone with a job will immediately say, “there’s no such thing as a typical day,” I wanted to share a snapshot of what my 24 hours looks like. This was a day a few weeks back. Not every day is this intense, though it’s almost about right. ‘Bored’ has rarely been a part of my lexicon, and this year it’s not looking to make a comeback.

6:08am: Just about to hit the snooze button for the 2nd time. Text from a teacher who was sick with a stomach virus all night; need to figure out coverage for the day.

7:25am: Arrived at school about a half hour ago (first period starts at 7:15am). Call from a teacher; the security lock on the gate to our apartments has been stolen; a young boy slept on our balcony last night and thoughts are he may be our culprit. Meanwhile, no lock on the gate means or computers and ipods are up for grabs. Not good.

8am: Chatting with a close friend (Honduran). She was in a very bad accident years ago, took a bad spill yesterday and is in the hospital again. She is amazing strong, and she’ll be fine, though seeing someone close to you in pain is never fun.

8:30am: Return to the apartments (pray nothing has been stolen); purchase a new lock. Now coordinating and communicating where the new key is, as we have 8 people who need to share 2 keys.

9am: Run back to school. A teacher is accused of asking her students to run sprints in the rain as punishment. Totally absurd, but needs to be addressed.

10am: Responding to parent phone calls. The Honduran President had issued an emergency ‘no school’ policy due to torrential downpours the night before. Evidently in the city, the streets are flooded. We’re a half hour outside the city and have not been affected. School in session.

10:30am: Hugs from our kindergarteners when I walk in the classroom to help teach; I know I should be explaining the importance of sitting in their seats and being quiet, but I also can’t help but smile.

12pm: Pulled aside by a mom who was just thrown out onto the streets by her husband. Thankfully, they’re staying with family and for the moment have a place to stay.

3:25pm: Meeting with the scholarship representative committee (group of parents from the school who are receiving scholarships). All good..yay!!

6pm: Dinner with the teachers.

9pm: Received word we might not have water in the apartments and will likely be off for the next 4 days (which means dirty dishes pile up in the sink; no toilet flushes; no showers). Deep sigh needed, though have quickly accepted that this happens. All good.

10pm: Wind-down with an episode from the series ‘Six Feet Under,’ though fall asleep way before the episode ends.


3 thoughts on “A Typical Day

  1. Wow, it’s true that there is not a “typical” day in the life of a working person, but I don’t think I could imagine some of these events happening in my day! You are amazing!!!

  2. You’re doing God’s work. It isn’t always easy or predictable, but you so have his strength and presence with you. I’m so dang proud of you, keep up the amazing work. Sending love from Oz! xo

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