Stories of Heartbreak and Love

Over the last several weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to interview many of our most low-income families in the community, with the task of handing out scholarships for next year and assigning who receives what.

Most of them are single mothers, and all with their own heart-breaking stories to tell –  teens beating them out for good factory jobs, an alcoholic husband, no control over their bank accounts, grandmothers taking care of their grandchildren because their parents are in the States…and the list goes on.

My journey has taken me from house to house, interviewing 60 plus families and understanding their home lives and both their unique and universal struggles. Above all, I stand in awe of what they’ve lived through, their strength to carry on each day, and their resourcefulness to do what’s possible and needed to see their children succeed.

My own mother is not excluded from this list of awe-inspiring women – far from it.  This year has been challenging, and she has been my rock since day one, extending a listening ear without regard for time of day (which, my father will begrudgingly attest to from the occasional iPad ring late into the night), and experiencing with me both the highs and lows. Thank you, Mom. You are an incredible woman I admire greatly.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers – for your fight, your love and your strength – a position only superhumans need apply. 



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